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                                                                                  EQUALIZER PEQ-1


                                             PEQ-1                                                                                      PEQ-1B

                The Psidex  PEQ-1 is a program equalizer based on  the famous Pultec EQP-1circuit, but using todays components and

                a superior line amp to deliver  sound and performance greatly improved over  the original. And with more frequency selections, 

                    you can really  put some fat in the bottom and  shine up the highs to add that missing sparkle. Our customers say the PEQ

                    is the ultimate track polisher. With a pair on the 2 bus, your mixes will gain more character and originality.We put some neat  

                features in this unit; like balanced 600 ohm or un-bal Hi-Z I/O, switch selectable mix or match, phase reverse and terminate.

                Makes a great direct in with EQ for bass, guitar, etc....available witb black or color coded knob inserts. Full data here.

                Get PEQ-1 op manual pdf here  


                                                                            USE YOUR PEQ TO 


                                KICK UP THAT KICK DRUM!                   SIZZLE THOSE CYMBALS!

                                VOICE THAT SOUR VOCAl!                      PUT SOME AIR INTO FLAT TRACKS!

                                                                SWEETEN UP THE WHOLE THING!



                                                                AND HERE IS ANOTHER PSIDEX WINNER 



                                                                 PRE AMP-LINE AMP PGP-1







                 Our new PGP-1 pre amp gives you wide band, pure audio from the mic of your choice with

                 no coloration or grundge. You get punchy audio with all the dynamic range inherent in the

                 performance. Massive hand wound input and output transformers preserve a solid bottom with no

                 fear of input overload. Wide gain ranges from 36 to 66 dB permit use of low output

                 mics while still preserving the noise floor. Also makes the best line amp ever and can also be

                 used as an active direct-in for your guitar, bass and other instruments.See more here 

                 Get PGP-1 op manual pdf here